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Welcome to My Safe Haven, a site dedicated to the abused and/or neglected children of the world and devoted to speaking out against the atrocities of child abuse, domestic violence and animal abuse. I have designed and created My Safe Haven with a mind to providing a safe place not only for myself, but also for anyone else who may be in need of one.  Within the confines of this site, I hope many will find the peace and serenity I have attempted to fill it with. There is much love and understanding here. There is also much pain and sorrow.


My sincere hope is that this web site be an inspiration to myself, as well as other abuse survivors and their supporters.  It is a safe place to visit and will remain a safe place. Here we may just relax and read, look to gain some understanding, or perhaps access the strength required to move onward with our healing journeys.


I am mindful that for all the abused and or neglected children of this world there will always be tears. Sometimes the tears will remain unshed. They are there nonetheless.  Tears shed for the pain and the fear felt by those too young to protect themselves. There will always be tears, even when the immediate pain goes away. Sometimes they will be tears of soothing, sometimes of anger, sometimes of joy. Sometimes the tears will be cried silently inside. I adopted the symbol of the teardrop in sympathy of all the desperate and lonely tears shed by the children whom, day after day and night after night, silently endure the pain inflicted on them by their heartless abusers. You see, those are tears that will be forever.





Dove Of Peace


I am told that shedding tears is a positive, healthy form of expression. Due to my past and current hurts I struggle to shed tears. I have placed forever tears on this page in hopes that one day I can more easily shed my own tears, as I know there are oceans of them to come. Whether or not this will happen, remains to be seen.

Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence and for taking the time to browse through My Safe Haven. I have attempted to include a little something for everyone. Here you will find Poetry, Proverbs, Adoptions, and Awards you can apply for. There are Sweet Things that will touch your heart and even a Playground and Fireworks Magic, for the children within us all.

My Safe Haven continues to be a labor of love for me and I am continually making additions and changes so I hope you will return often. I have had many requests for web-sets and graphics. I am now in the process of adding an area here, where you can request graphics and web-sets. This area will include sample of sets that you can request to use and if you would like a special set made, you can contact me with the form required.

Save the children

I put careful consideration into choosing the right music for My Safe Haven. Music that would express how I feel about myself and also express some of the emotions attached to this site. I have a great love of roses you will see as you move through my site. I have chosen one of my favorite songs, The Rose, by Bette Midler from the original 1979 Soundtrack of the Motion Picture" The Rose". It expresses the strength and willpower needed to overcome obstacles. It is one of most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It really touches my soul and I hope you enjoy listening to it here.

ForeverTears Rose


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The Rail

I hope you enjoy browsing through My Safe Haven and will experience the love, beauty and devotion that I will endeavor to achieve. We have had visitors to our website since May 20, 2002. The contents of our  website are protected under the copyright laws of the U.S.A. and Canada. No graphics, information or any other content, within our website, may be reproduced, displayed, altered and/or distributed without the written permission of and Gloria Syvret.  Please read my privacy statement and copyright and credits before entering My Safe Haven. When you are done reading, return here  and click on the drop down menu to begin your journey. Stay safe everyone and take gentle care in you! Gloria :)

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