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Adoptions are such an important part of our culture, especially when the adopting parents are loving, kind and gentle with children they have chosen to love. I'd like to drink a toast to all you wonderful men and women out there, who choose to take in strangers little ones and treat them with goodness and respect, giving them lives they might not have had. There are so many beautiful innocents out there, waiting for and wanting to be loved and welcome.
I've created this adoptions page in order that I might provide a permanent, loving home within my website and my life. I am deeply touched at the thought of being able to display some of the beautiful images I have seen out there that are available for adoption and will gladly take in any which are suitable to this site. Nothing with questionable content will be deemed suitable.
I invite everyone to submit their creations for consideration and if accepted, will provide a loving place for them and their new brothers and sisters. I will include links back to the sites at which they were born and where ever possible, I would love to include descriptive background information so that when they are old enough, they will have a sense of who they are and from where they came. I promise to explain to each of them that their mom's and dad's created them out of love and offered them as precious gifts to me for just that reason.
If you have an image adoption available that you would like to have a loving home, please email me and I will visit your site. Background information, such as what they mean for you or are intended to symbolize for others would be greatly appreciated! For your enjoyment
the background music is " You'll Be My Heart" by Phil Collins .

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Take gentle care of you and I shall take gentle care of them!


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