Our Guardian Angel

I adopted this beautiful Guardian Angel to watch over our other treasured adoptions, my site, myself, my little's and YOU my wonderful visitors. It is a known fact that angels will not guard over anything with reference to hatred, prejudice, violence or adult themes. I'm so happy to welcome her here for us all!

Thank you Lady for such a beautiful guardian angel. I shall always cherish her!

Please  meet Lilly, the Guardian of Tears. I adopted her not only because she's beautiful, but also because tears are such an integral part of my site. Lilly will Guard and keep all the tears which have been shed and all the tears yet to be shed. She knows how important they are and how important it is for us to feel safe enough to let them go. So, no need to worry about crying now! Lilly is here to comfort, protect us and gather all those tears together. She will keep them and us safe while we're here. Thank you Lilly!

Lilly was created by Amanda's Castle

Thank you Amanda, Lilly will be cherished and loved by all who enter our home here!

The Tear Drop Angel

Legend has it that when someone sobs, their tears are caught by butterflies and carried up to heaven, Angels then float down as teardrops of comfort to take away the sadness.

Thank you Camomile, I shall cherish this little one  forever!

My Beautiful Angel - Heartly

Heartly, my beautiful little dolly was adopted for me by my loving bestest budly. Thank you Nanc for finding her.

If you gaze closely at Heartly, you can actually feel the love within her. She is such a gem! I shall treasure her forever. I'm so happy to welcome her here for us all!

Thank you Karen for such a beautiful sweet angel.  She shall always be cherished and loved!

This beautiful friendship egg was adopted for me by Susie. Thank you Susie so much!

These beautiful adoption were sent to me from Susie. Thanks so much!

My Muffin in a cup!

This little one looks just like my own kitty. (Muffin-Man) and he was just a mischievous when he was this little.

Thank you Dozibaer for creating such a cutie!

Our Shadow Box Fairies!

Wouldn't you just love to crawl into the box with all of them and play?

These little dolls were lovingly created by Dozibaer.

We are happy to give them a home here!

Meet Theodore!

I've already adopted him and this is the only available picture I had! We are thrilled to welcome him into our home.

Meet My Twins! - Eric & Erica

I love little ones and these ones are great, there's no muss and no fuss!


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