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ForeverTears SunForeverTears No Excuse For Child Abuse. Click here for a copy of this graphic. Together we can make a difference. There's No Excuse For Child Abuse!!ForeverTears Sun

Welcome to copyright and credits. All background music  is copyright protected and/or trademark protected by the respective artist, record company, movie studio or publisher. The background music is not available for download from this site.

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If you were directed here after viewing one of my graphics, I have digimarc all of my graphics, due to hotlinking and plagiarism.

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 Since April 2004,  background graphics and art work, have been obtained by scanning wall-paper prints and placing them in Paint Shop Pro and making background sets, graphics, tubes out of them. Others are from my photography collection.

Other graphics are copyright  and/or trademark protected. Some of the graphics/ tubes used are from the following:

    Cursed Creations    Silver Wings Design  Jules Designs


   Thank you  for making such beautiful graphics and artwork!

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Some animations provided free by: Animation City

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I have diligently tried to give proper  credit to all on my website. If there is something here on my website, that does not have proper credit please email me with the information as to what needs correcting or referring to and the source (if possible). I will make the necessary changes needed upon receipt. Thank you.

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