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Welcome to our Gallery Of Hope. This Gallery is meant to acknowledge all survivors of child, domestic or sexual abuse and their bravery in the struggle to heal. We recognize your strength and applaud you. We also wish to pay tribute to and thank all of those angels out there whom so lovingly and selflessly provide support to survivors.  Please know that we are grateful for each of you, our treasures.  We have not forgotten our fallen brothers and sisters.  Here, you will also find plaques memorializing those who were not as fortunate as we were and tragically, died at the hands of an abuser or as a result of the abuse they have suffered.  Sadly, we expect there will be many, many plaques on these pages.  Please know that we understand your struggle to survive and are very sorry for the pain each of you has felt. We sincerely wish you only the best on your journey of healing.  If you are someone who has not yet reached out for help, please do so.  The secrets and shame you hide are not your burdens to bear and there are people out there who might help to lessen your load. 


If you would like to add a plaque in your name or that of a loved one to our Gallery Of Hope, please click here.


ForeverTears No Excuse For Child Abuse. Click here for a copy of this graphic. Together we can make a difference. There's No Excuse For Child Abuse!!

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