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Thank you so much for this beautiful letter!!



I received the following letter from Dr. William Jackson on August 10,2004. At that time, I was unable  to respond to his heart-touching email. I have been very ill and was in hospital for 5 months. I was able to respond to his email on September 11,2004.


Your words really touched me  and moved me. Losing someone, whether it be a friend, spouse or beloved pet, the pain is so great.  When I clicked on the link for your soul mate, I was not shocked at all.  All that ran threw my mind was questions of how you were doing after such a huge loss. My heart aches for your pain and I truly hope in time you'll feel better. 

I would feel so honoured if you would allow me to share your story and link  with my visitors.

I received permission today, November 11,2004 to share his story.

Thank you Bill, so much for allowing me to share a part of your heart-touching story of Eddie with all of us.




August 10, 2004

Dear Beloved Gloria:

I must make this email short as my tears are flowing endlessly as I write you. I came across your web page at a most tragic and hopeless time in my life. I have been putting my things in order, as of August as life is too painful and hopeless – that is until today, and because of you and your web page.

It touched my heart and gently lifted me. For the first time as of August 15, 2004, I instantly experienced the far reach of your love and warmth. It is HOPE!

The following link is to a memorial to my greatest loss in life, my soul mate and best friend.  Eddie, was my only family, and he was just 10 years old when I lost him. Although he was a precious gift from God, in my heart I feel the unbearable loss and emptiness as I have no other family. I needed to share my short story with you as your pain and suffering is helping to save many lives. Here is a link to Eddie, about a week before I lost him. Sadly, it is the only picture I have of him.

Eddie My Soul Mate

Thank you,


Memorial Website


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