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A beautiful letter from Suzie



I received the following letter from Susie, with whom I have been corresponding for a short while. I had visited her site a few months back and at that time, her story really moved me. I felt a deep connection and wrote to her via her guest book. I feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to get to know this wonderful lady. If you have time, please visit her heart-touching site. I received this letter from her today and have her permission to share it with all of you.




February 7th, 2003

Dear Gloria, I first visited your site when I got my computer a few months ago. I knew nothing about computers. I was so amazed by your talent and by what your site represented. I had always been taught to hold my secret of abuse for eternity. You and your friend from softly lyrical moved me more than you will ever know! I began reading up on how to make a web site and began. When I had just three pages up you and your friend signed my first guest book, That made me even more determined to finish my site and let the world know that what happened to me and to my Grandchildren and daughter was not a dirty little secret but something the world should know and care about. I thank you so much for the beautiful awards, I display them proudly as the source they came from made me feel proud to be a survivor speaking out against the humiliation of abuse. Ive already joined your forevertears web ring, I did that yesterday. I've enclosed a link to my site as you requested. I do not know how to make awards yet or I would have already given you and your friend one. Until I do I send my heart and prayers for you both. Thank you again for answering my emails, the awards and for the inspiration that you give not just to me but to the world.

Hugs from Susie

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