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My Celebration


The following poem was lovingly written  to me by my most bestest budly in the whole wide world.. A loving best friend.. I have placed 14 floating ROSES for 14 years of knowing you.. Thank you from the bottom of my HEART! Please do not take this poem, it was written specifically for me and it is copyright protected to ForeverTears.

Each of us are searchers.

Each of us has a need.

To give and feel love completely,

But few of us succeed.

I, for one, have spent my life.

More or less alone.

Adrift on a ocean of pain.

Even in my loving home.

For I'd given up my search, you see.

Accepted failure as though it was right.

Felt I didn't deserve the joy,

That others expressed with delight.

Best friends are never earned.

God knows how I had tried.

Desperate for people to like me.

And when alone, I cried.

For no-one could understand this girl.

Quite as well as you.

You've never turned your back on me.

The way acquaintances often do.

Just how we ever became close.

Is simply a matter of fate.

I can think of no other explanation.

At least none I can make equate.

The love we share is much different.

Than that between man and wife.

And yet our bond clearly grows.

I've found a friend for life.

So please allow me to celebrate.

The joy I feel inside.

At finding a friend with whom I'm safe.

And from whom I need not hide.

I've stumbled upon the perfect words.

To say what my heart knows is true.

Though we are sometimes apart,

I've found success -- in you.

For Gloria - With love

Nancy Thomas - December  2002

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