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ForeverTears No Excuse For Child Abuse. Click here for a copy of this graphic. Together we can make a difference. There's No Excuse For Child Abuse!!


Please be aware that the following pages may be triggering to some survivors and upsetting for others. Use your judgment before reading. If you are feeling triggered while reading, click on any of the PURPLE ROSE BOUQUETS and you will be taken to the bottom of the page where you can click on the home page button. Take gentle care.

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All children get scratches, bruises, and cuts and less likely, fractures from time to time.  That’s that nature of childhood – a time that’s full of tumbling, climbing, and adventures.  That makes it difficult to tell what’s normal and what may be a sign of abuse.  Unfortunately, there is no one telltale sign that a child is being abused.  Bruises, black eyes, and broken bones can certainly be clues, but other signs are less obvious.  Many children who have been abused may behave differently.  They may have nightmares or trouble sleeping.  Their school performance may suddenly decline.  In addition, they may

  • Have a poor self-image,

  • Be unable to love or trust others

  • Be aggressive or disruptive (become bullies)

  • Display intense anger or rage – throws or destroys things, is violent toward a pet

  • Act out in the classroom – fights with classmates

  • Act out sexually

  • Be self-destructive, self-abusive, or suicidal

  • Feel sad, passive, withdrawn, or depressed

  • Have difficulty forming new relationships

  • Use drugs or alcohol

  • Avoid going home after school

Show a marked fear of certain adults. Seems afraid of a parent or other adults like teaches or babysitters.

Children who witness abuse but are not victims themselves may also display some or all of the above signs.  It’s important to note that these symptoms are all nonspecific, meaning they could result from a number of causes – not just child abuse.  Children who are under stress from a variety of sources including parental separation, divorce and visitation and custody arrangements – may show similar symptoms.

Children often do not tell us with words that they have been or are being abused.  There are many reasons children might hesitate or be afraid to tell us about what has happened, including their relationship to the offender, fear of the consequences, retaliation or uncertainty about whether or not they will be believed.  Any one of the following could indicate that there has been an assault or it could be indicative of another problem.  Whatever has caused the change in a child must be explored. 

The child has had many injuries or unusual injuries that cannot be adequately explained.



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Click here for a copy of this graphic. Together we can make a difference. There's No Excuse For Child Abuse!!

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