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They huddled  close in fear and fright

They knew the monsters would return tonight

A  hidden horror full of fear

A secret sorrow also there

Once again the monsters appear

Child, lust, child whore, daddy’s littlest play thing

They came in to the darkened room

A voice of fire, looking for child desire

While the other froze knowing doom


No one would care

No one would dare

A secret unspoken


Down the hallway,  a darkened room

The little one scream in terror so soon

They poked, they prodded, they touched her there

They held her down grabbing her hair

The pain, the touches, fondles were so extreme

The little one realized this was not a dream


She tried to run, tried to hide, No one would help except those inside


The strong came out with a mighty fury Took the pain, torture so the little one would remain sane


No Words can describe the horrifying pain.

it just hurt so much. The thought of the monsters evil disgusting touch


No one to see

No one to hear

Just a small child screaming in fear


The lashes, the welts, cracking of the belts, the deep burning thrust

The smothering weight all upon child lust

Caused so much pain so deep inside she felt

She felt as though she was about to die.


Her body ached, he skin crawls with so much disgust,

Know she is the monster lust


No one care

No one believes

A secret unspoken


It seemed to last for hours on end

When it was over, slowly crawled back to her room and hugged her only friend


So full of pain, feelings of disgust and fear inside

All we think now is suicide

Want to rid us of this pain

Never come back, ever again.






Click here for a copy of this graphic. Together we can make a difference. There's No Excuse For Child Abuse!!



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