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She scrambled quickly to get away. Knowing what her fate would be.

Another night has come to haunt her

A nightmare has begun

Alone in the room, panicky, crying, pleading. The door opens to her fright Jim and John are there tonight

They both walk proudly in the room, She praying it won’t happen, but it will soon.

Her nightclothes are torn away. She screams for help. No one hear a sound except for the slaps and her thrown down

The weight of both is unbearable for her; she has trouble breathing and at times gasps for air.

All of a sudden one of them thrusts so deep inside of her causing an unbelievable pain. At that moment she disappears and a strong ones comes out.

She will take the pain and agony and will never ever forget what was done to her this night. Showing no emotion, she starts calling them names, they retaliate to it with slaps and punches.


The second one now tries to enter into her as well. This pain causes her to whimper in silence. They both begin to thrust, she feels as though they are tearing her apart. As they continue to thrust, she tries to get away. They garb her with such force of strong arm and hold her in place.  After a few moments one of the them exits her and tries to place himself in her mouth. She fights with all the strength she has, It is however pointless.

She is to weak to fight anymore. He begins thrusting very hard in her mouth deep down her throat. She then begins to an ache and starts choking. The assault seems like forever. Each one of them taking turns on her. AT one point, she passes out cold due to the immense pain her body feels.

The next morning she finds herself wrapped in a blanket on the floor of the bedroom. Evidence of the assault is everywhere on her body. The pain and torture shows in her eyes and she begins to silently cry. She now realizes her nightmare is now over for the moment. She can smell them all over her, it disgusts her completely and at that moment she wishes she were dead






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