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Fuzzy feelings all around

Hands and limbs falling down

She took the pills to calm the screams

Little did we know it wasn't a dream

Scared and frightened the little one awoke

Tried to wake the big one as she choke

Awake, weak as time had passed

She crawled so far to reach the sky

She knew if she didn't they would all die

Hanging on for ole dear life

She made it to the end of the hall

Far away down the hall, a stranger stood

She could no loner stand on a steady foot

Shivering, nauseous and oh so full of fear

She thought the end was all but near

She tumbled down on the floor so bare

The nurses helped her up with gentle care

And now she is so well aware

A protector tried her only way

And it could had cost her and them life that day

~April 18,2004~

"Si, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for waking me. It very brave and wonderful for you to do. Sending you a warm hug."

"Korah, I know you really do not trust me. Please allow me a chance or two to show you, that I am capable. We are here at this hospital for help, no one will hurt any of us. I promise. I also wanted to thank you for telling me what had happened."





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