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She lay there in a frozen state unable to breath. Surrounded by the darkness and the noises of the night.


On one side was the monster

On the other side was its mate

She desperately wanted to run away

Knowing soon would be her fate


The house was now so quiet all the guests had left

She wanted to scream out to them

For some reason her voice was not heard


She tried to gather up her strength as done many times before

She knew what was happening next and imagined herself hidden in the floor


This night would last much longer than the previous nights before

Her cries and screams would go unheard no matter how high they were


Now she was to told to recite the song, sing it loud for them to hear

Terrified and full of fear she spoke those words for them to hear


"Happy Happy Daddy"

"Birthday girl is here"

"Happy Happy Daddy"

"I'm your gift this year"


She shook and shuttered so terrified to move

The monster picked her up and threw her on the bed

Badly bruised and frightened, she actually hit her head


Next thing that she remembers, not to scream or shout

She closes her eyes, so the strong can come out


That night was full of pain, welts black and blue

Some of it so searing, that it caused unconsciousness too


When it was over and the monster had its fill

It recited her the birthday song and said the words "Thank you"


She lay there in the bed unable to move

Her body ached all over and she felt so torn apart  Her screams and cries were silent and at that moment she wished she were dead


Every time she remembers that song, those nights, the pain and agony she has an absolute rage within her. The agony and horror of those nights is embedded so deep inside her soul


In her mind, nothing can remove the pain she feels except eternal sleep…


~March 30,2004~






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