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It started with touches

The games we would play

You teaching us words and

Things to say….

We knew where to touch

Just what to do

To make a man happy

We learned it from you


Then the game rules changed

The game got really so rough,

You said we were to take it

To be silent and be tough…


We remember the first time

You hurt us so bad

We remember we cried

And you got so dam mad…


We remember you held us down

The time was now here…

For us to learn that love

Was nothing to fear…


We remember the pain

The moment you made it

A raging fire inside, a deep pain

You smiled, you grinned

It lasted so long

The horror  and pain…

We cried, we begged, we screamed

You whispered our name

When you were done…

You held us so near

Offered us thanks and loves,

We just shook in fear..


You came to us often

We learned not to cry…

There was no use in fighting

No use to ask you why


We have all these memories,

Locked up deep inside….

The pain we feel has tore us apart

Our life has gone and broken our heart

 Daddy, all of you…. Why?????





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