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Glaring eyes filled with fear and fright

Darkness all around in the cold of the night

All you can hear are our screams and cries

Out in the distance not to far away, we cower and cringe, want to run away

No one can hear us...

No one cares....

We sit in wonder with dead eye stares

The house is old with small cracks around

We find places to hide in hopes of never being found

No where to run...

No way to hide...

We cover our ears...

We cover our eyes...

We know what will happen if we try to move

We remember the pain and agony too

We hate this game, the way it is played, fear, terror and shake we do

We cringe, we cower...

We know the fear...

Soon it will be time...

The time is is near...

Out in the night, glaring eyes

You can hear the little one as she cries

No one to help...

No one to listen...

No one to care...

All around is the dead eye stare

We have a voice so deep inside, it pleads, it cries, it screams

No one comes to us it seems

Only the terror, the pain, the fright

Glaring eyes in the dead of night

Another evil has past and gone

Glaring eyes full of fear and fright

Knows the evil will return tonight

All our pain so deep inside

Racing thoughts.. Suicide





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