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Her silent whimpers of pain cannot be heard. Her body badly bruised and torn. Her nightmare has just left.

She tries to hide the evidence of the attack, the blood trickling down her legs.  She is terrified that if she moves the monsters will return.

The last time her nightmare came, she was unable to go to the bathroom for at least one week.

She hated the fact that she was alive and breathing.  She wanted to desperately die.

In her mind, there would be no more hurt or terror. No more beatings or bruises.  All she wanted was to be free of the pain and torture and loathing disgust she felt each day she awoke.

Nights... were however never welcome as she and they never knew what to expect from the monsters.

Living in fear was a way of life for them, they would cry in silence the tears of agony and pain, never ever knowing when the monsters would strike again.

~April 21, 2004~






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