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Monsters, demons all around

We are afraid we’ll be found

Monster monsters go away

do not come back another day

all you know is hurt and cause us pain

All we want is to be loved and sane

Montsers Montres why do you hurt

We alway try to be good for you

we know we are small and

things get broken and cracked

in stead you use the belt to whip and smack.

They come out at night to hurt us

And make us cry

Do nasty things we want to die

Monsters, demons go way

We lye alone in fear and fright

Knowing full it will come to night

Shaking shivering we try the hide covering blankets

Covering together in total silence.

We hear it coming with such a force

We know the time is now

 We do not like the games you play

All the hurt you caused  inside

We now have thought of suicide


 March 8,2006






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