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She tries so hard to shed a tear

Instead she feels just rage and fear

A burning fire down within..

Shattered life now begin

The monster is near, it's breath like fire

She know she's the object of it's desire..

She screams for help

No one hears..

Her nightmare begins

Still no tears...

The pain she feels is so intense, she struggles so hard to get away

No one hears her screams that day

It whispers words and phrases she doesn't understand

She tries to free herself from it's gripping hands

It holds her down with so much strength

It muffles her screams

She gasps for air

Freezes in fear

At that moment, she disappears

When it is over, and it goes away

She feels the urge to die that day

Shattered, torn, full of fear..

Still she's unable to shed a tear...






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The background music is " You'll Be My Heart" by Phil Collins 


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