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She walked him down the pathway not knowing full well

That in the beautiful dollhouse, was the monsters lair of hell

Their screams and pleas would not be heard

No help would be near

The days and nights that followed would be so full pain and fear

Terrified and silenced

They learned to run away

Out would come the strong ones,

The ones who would dearly pay

They took the pain and torture, the way it should be

They did it all in silence so the the others could be free

They watched from above, not to far away

How the strong ones protected them from horror and pain that day

They will never forget the horror or the pain their body felt..

They will never forget the whipping sound or the cracking of the belt

Their anger is of rage, deep inside full of pain 

They know the horror of the monsters

will return 

again, again and again...






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The background music is " You'll Be My Heart" by Phil Collins 



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