This quilt was lovingly made of links to some well known and some lesser-known organizations.  They may be charities; places of support and/or sites aimed at educating the public.  One thing they all hold in common is that they are bound together simply by being worthwhile causes – deserving our recognition and support. ForeverTears has no affiliation with any of these groups.  We do not stand to gain any financial reward through your visiting them or donating to their causes.  The links are supplied as a personal “hats-off” to the work and as a public service. Please feel free to submit other sites for inclusion in this quilt.  We will make every attempt to visit and add sites, which fit into the above criteria, but will not be held responsible or  liable for the actions of any group nor their possible omission from our quilt. For further information please refer to our Privacy statement.  To add a 130 x 130 square to this quilt please email the square and information and link if required.





  To: Canadian Aids Society To: Canadian Arthritis Society To: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation To: Canadian Diabetes Association  
  To: Canadian Feed The Children To: Canadian Hunger Foundation To: Canadian Cancer Society To: Canadian Red Cross- Child Abuse  
  To: National Clearinghouse On Family Violence To: Support 4 Hope To: FM-CfS  
  To: PTSD To: Veteran Affairs Canada To: Missing Children  
  World Vision Canada

Feed The Hungry, Click HERE

  Stop Domestic Violence Eating Disorders Stop Child Abuse Depression Awareness  


American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Stop Prejudice




   Click here for a copy of this graphic. Together we can make a difference. There's No Excuse For Child Abuse!!    

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