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I have often wondered what it must have been like to live in simpler times. Gentler times, when community really counted and people knew their neighbors.  Each family tended to their own affairs and yet all would work, hand in hand, to accomplish bigger projects like building a schoolhouse or raising a barn.

Sewing circles of old intrigue me.  Women of the community came together to enjoy each other’s company and to lovingly fashion beautiful quilts which were used to keep their families warm.

It is out of my respect and enjoyment for their craft that I have joined an online quilters club. 

Most of the quilt squares here were made personally by me. I am now in the process of adding quilt squares from my on-line friends and (family).   I do hope you like our Quilt of Roses as much as we do!.

To add a 130 x 130 square to this quilt please email the square, information and link if required.










From GrammyJ  ((Hugs to you) !




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