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Random Acts Of Kindness is what they are... words, phrases and small tokens left for those who really need them. Being a part of such a wonderful group is why I have dedicated the following pages. I have had the opportunity to sign over 1,000 guestbooks and shall continue. Having done this to make some ones day or just to receive a smile and thanks is wonderful. Thank you Raok and your wonderful members for opening your hearts and door way to me and allowing me to be a part of something so wonderful. Below are just some of the wonderful tokens I have received from members. Just recently members of Raok have taken time to make me beautiful birthday gifts and I wanted to share them all with you.   If you have the opportunity please check out this wonderful group of kind, caring and supporting members. This page may take some time to load as it is graphic heavy. I hope you enjoy browsing these beautiful gifts!

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    Thank you Raok and your wonderful members for your kind words and emails and for making me such beautiful birthday gifts.     

This brings a lot of special thoughts With other greetings too, And the wishes are much warmer Because they're meant  for you.

         Hugs, Lyn

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    Greetings ForeverTears

    RAOK Birthday Committee

Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Special You!
Happy Birthday Special You! May all the happiness you're wished help make your birthday one you'll remember in every way. Have a wonderful celebration and may all your wishes come true!

Angel Hugs! RiRi

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    ForeverTears ,
Hello, Hope your birthday is out of this world. If you got this twice, just accept it as a double wish that all your wishes come true. My computer is acting up and it seems to have a mind of it's own :-)

Sandra aka Punkin

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    Hello Forever Tears

  From one rose lover to another a wee gift personally from me.. have a wonderful day as you celebrate..  :)

Hugs, Marre


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    Happy Birthday ForeverTears

Happy Birthday!!
Hope Your Special Day Turns Out Wonderful!!


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    Hope that you have a great time celebrating on your birthday, today.*big smile*From your RAOK friend, Maddie    
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      Happy Birthday To You!!!!
Welcome to you're Birthday Party!!
Cut you're self a piece of
Birthday Cake!
    Then peek at a few gift's,
and have a wonderful

A poem for you!

Birthdays make some people glad,
Birthdays make some people sad,
Some people like a birthday surprise,
But some don't want to advertise

Cecily Mopsey

    Birthdays are Beautiful!

    A gift for you!

    Another gift for you!

    May all your dreams
and wishes come true
on this Wonderful Day!!

Happy Birthday!!

Hope you enjoyed your Birthday
From RAOK!!!!

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