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All Survivors' have the following rights....


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The right to be safe from real or imagined dangers.

The right to be accepted unconditionally by others.

The right to our own successes and failures; to change our minds without judgment and of our own accord.

The right to financial independence, regardless of gender.

The right to personal safety by any means of our own choosing.

The right to trust, respect, and honesty in interactions with others.

The right to say NO without guilt and to have that right respected by our friends, family and others.

The right to total control of our mind, body and spirit.

The right not to have the will of others forced upon us.

  The right to happiness and peace of mind.

The right to fulfill our hopes, needs and dreams.

The right to ask for what we need, when we need it.

The right to be treated as a sound minded individual, not as a victim.

The right to take control of the night; to own and appreciate the darkness, and sleep without fear, anxiety or nightmares.

The right to  love and be loved by others without fear of being hurt.

The right to own our past, feel pride in our accomplishments and use them as a tool to strengthen ourselves and others.




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