My name is Bugsy

 The background  music is "The Rose" by Bette Midler

Name Teardrop Rose
Softly Lyrical FT1 & FT3
NZ Anahera FT1
Gloria aka  Spitfire FT1
Angel Butterfly_mommy aka Shelley FT2
Susie FT5
Carol FT2
Katjaye FT3
Irene FT3
Life Is Always Worth Living FT2
Graphics By Cate FT1
Angel John's Mom FT4
Enchanted Designs FT 5 & FT 8
Lindsay FT4
Nancy Bratt FT4
Lady Of Hope FT4
Laura C. FT2
Kimberley FT1
Patchez FT2
Sandi Babcock FT3
Jamie Mallison FT3
Samantha Adams FT4
Terttu FT 5 & FT 8
Theresa Jeffrey FT1
Angel FT3
Fayeth FT4
Patty FT1
Glenn FT1
Jamie Malllinson FT1
 Maude FT3
Liz FT1
Dawn FT4
Terry FT4
Trayvia FT1

ForeverTears No Excuse For Child Abuse. Click here for a copy of this graphic. Together we can make a difference. There's No Excuse For Child Abuse!!
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