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Thank you Lord
For being there
Always to answer
My every prayer


Thank you for
What you did at Calvary
You loved me enough
To die for me

Thank you Lord

That I can know
when you call me
I'm ready to go

Thank you Lord

For my family
They really mean the world to me

Thank you Lord

For mother and Dad
The best that anyone ever had
Thank you Lord
For giving us spring
And all the wonders it will bring
Thank you for
The Little Bird
Singing the best
Song I ever heard

Thank you For

The memories that only you
Gave to me
Thank you Lord
For leading me to
The path that leads
To be with you
Thank you Lord
For your saving grace
And preparing me a place
Lord there are so many blessings
You send from above
And the very best one
Is your undying love


March 29,2011






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